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Local Artist of All Kinds

Arts and Music have been a part of the Surf Club from the very beginning. 

The Jug Band was a hug local act, but we've had greats throughout the years. 

The Jug Band

"During the summers of the 1980-90s the Provincetown Jug Band would perform nightly at the Surf Club on McMillan Warf in Provincetown, Cape Cod and in my opinion out of all the shows Provincetown had to offer back then; this was one of the greatest venues there. Sadly, Geno Haggerty has since gone to that big jug in the sky but the legend still lives on with both Tim Dickey and Ed Sheridan presently performing with various other projects. In speaking for the rest of us, I just want to say thanks guys for all the good times we shared while living and working in Provincetown. Thanks for sharing your genus talent in entertaining us during those summers on the Cape". - Dennis Sutton - Liner Notes Youtube

Shared By Ed Oswalt Jr.

Matthew Bielen

Contemporary Massachusetts Artist



Where to see his work?

Matthew Beilen oversaw our massive bar build. His artwork is throughout the design. Every seat has a different view. 

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